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Full name

Sebastian Nemeth


2D & 3D Animator and FX Artist


Falun, Sweden


(YouTube Portfolio):


I’m a very creative individual who has a great deal of passion towards animation and drawing, in both 3D and 2D.

Since I started working with game development, I have come in contact with other forms of visuals, such as particles and other FX, that are also really fun to be working with. I also do some tinkering with electronic music on the side when I am not at the gym.


Creative, Good Co-worker, Problem Solving, Animation, Drawing, Fast Concepts


Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Unreal Engine 3-4, Adobe Flash, Paint Tool SAI, Audacity, FL Studio, Macromedia Flash Professional 8


Co-worker (Dishwasher)


Borlänge, Sweden · 2017-06-19 – 2017-08-31

I was a part of a team that was in charge of the kitchen at IKEA. We were tasked to handle a lot of different utilities and machines. The huge amount of everyday guests meant a great deal of stress that had to be handled professionally and with fluidity. Cleaning and refilling different stations were also a part of my daily routine.

Sales Personnel

GameStop Sweden AB

Falun, Sweden · 2016-06-01 – 2017-03-31

As a sales personnel I was tasked with helping customers, checking that the marketing was correct in store as well as handling all of the merchandise that was displayed and delivered. As a GameStop employee I was always required to stay up to date with the latest games, their exclusive content and have good knowledge about up and coming technology. The job also taught me to keep calm in stressful situations and to do many things at once while helping customers.

Logo Designer

Bounce Mode

Falun, Sweden · 2016-03-10 – 2016-04-16

I was asked and payed to design and create a logo for a friend of mine (Joseph Hedström) that was starting up his own company named “Bounce Mode”.

He had a specific look in his mind but had a hard time explaining what it really was, so I sketched some ideas up and we juggled them back and forth before settling for one that he was really pleased with.

My logo can be seen by clicking on the red title “Bounce Mode” above or by following this link:

Intermittent worker

Manpower Inc.

Falun, Sweden · 2015-06-18 – 2015-08-31

I worked at Förlagssystem AB Falun via Manpower Inc. Förlagssystem is a warehouse that stores and delivers different kinds of goods to companies or private costumers. The main goods that get shipped are books and CDs. During my employment I got assigned to different workstations that included collecting orders, packaging etc.

FX Artist

Deadghost Interactive

Falun, Sweden · 2014-11-20 – 2015-05-08

I was an intern at Deadghost Interactive for six months where I was responsible for making appealing shaders and materials in the material editor of Unreal Engine 4. I was later assigned to write tutorials and worksheets for different aspects of rendering in Maya and how to make realistic PBR materials in Unreal Engine 4. I was also in charge of making all the particle effects for our games/projects.


Joseph Hedström (Bounce Mode) Yngve Hilding


Vocational Education in Game Graphics

PlaygroundSquad Falun SE

Falun, Sweden · 2013 – 2015

A game development school situated in Falun, Sweden. Its focus is to teach students the basics of game development and get them as ready for the market as possible.

The first one and a half year is spent learning and the last half of the second year is spent at a company as an intern.

Adult education in Art

Fornby Folk high school

Borlänge, Sweden · 2011-08-25 – 2013-01-09

Here you will learn the basics of drawing, painting, sculpture and art history. Professional artists aid you and teaches practical and theoretical knowledge.